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This innovative tech company is launching a satellite to take on the Government GPS monopoly
Decentralized Location Technology


Since 2012, fast-growing San Diego tech company XY has been selling tiny location beacons that help you find your lost items. Now, thanks to a new location network called "XYO Network" powered by these devices, they can also earn you money on your drive to work.

An up close look at the XYO Geomining Kit, a breakthrough in location network technology.
Trending Now | 2019.02.04

By Jenn Perez

Writer & Contributor, FASTGROWINGTECH
Jennifer Perez is a former Los Angeles Times reporter who covers fast-growing tech, innovative projects and more

How much time do you spend traveling to and from work every week?

According to research from the US Census Bureau, with a full-time job you could be spending over 200 hours per year.

That means for 9 days each year, you are making your way through traffic or sitting on painfully slow public transportation.

While Star Trek teased us a future of "beaming up", we are still stuck using the old fashioned method.

The good news is, you don't have to feel like hundreds of your hours are being wasted getting back and forth from work.

With a new category of devices called "geominers", it will be possible to earn money on your daily commute.

And the best part? You don't have to do anything you're not already doing now.

The company behind this revolutionary new technology is called XY.


The XY team, which began with 7 employees, now boasts over 70 software engineers, researchers and marketers in San Diego, California.

Since 2012, this San Diego tech company has built over 1 million tiny location beacons that help you find and track your lost items.

What the brilliant minds at XYO are doing is bridging decentralized technology with the real world by tapping into these location beacons.

The result is the world’s first location-based, trustless, decentralized oracle network that rewards you for using it.


These "geominers" or Sentinels as they are called, run on Bluetooth technology. This gives them a long battery life of up to 5 years.

When a Sentinel comes in contact with another one nearby, they communicate by sharing anonymous location data with one another.

As these Sentinels move around the real world, they are collecting data from hundreds, potentially even thousands of other Sentinels.

Because these devices are powered by Bluetooth and not connected directly to the internet, they need a way to share this data back to the XYO Network.

This is where the Bridge comes into play.


The Bridge is an internet-connected device that collects anonymous location data from all nearby Sentinels. They will be in your home, in businesses, and beyond. That data is then distributed to other parts of the network.

When this data is sent through the network and the location of an item is verified, the end user (you) is rewarded in the digital currency XYO!

Perhaps even more exciting is XY, the company powering the XYO Network, has went through the extensive process of qualifying for the SEC's Reg A+ Equity offering.

Thanks to this unique qualification, it's possible for anyone to claim a stake in the company backing the world's first decentralized location network.

Charlie Shrem, digital currency pioneer and founder of one of its most prestigious foundations, sits on their board of advisors.

Their mad scientist hardware hacker holds 3 US patents and helped grow a small startup into a $100 million business.

One of their developers is just 19-years-old and got the attention of Fortune 500 companies when he was only 12.

When you invest in XY and the future of location technology, you receive the same reports and financial statements one traditionally EXPERIENCES only from mature, late-stage U.S. public companies.

This means...

  • Audited financial statements from trusted third-party accounting firms
  • Regular filings and updates previously only available to public companies
  • A fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of shareholders at all times

XYO Network officially partnered with Spaceflight to launch its first satellite on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket in late 2019.

Plus, everyone who joins the XY family receives first access to the XYO Geomining kit that rewards you for using it!

Bottom line: Owning XY's Equity provides you with exposure to the lucrative opportunities of this incredibly exciting space. (We think it's the future!) And if that's not enough, you get to stay involved in their journey through regular filings, shareholder letters and audited financials.

For a project to have this level of oversight and accountability, is unprecedented and a major win for people everywhere.

But there is a catch...

XY is limited by the SEC to sell only $50 million in equity to the public.

This means that once this amount of XY Equity is sold out, you won't be able to purchase directly from the team and at the current lowest possible price per share.

We recommend purchasing from the team directly for one major reason...

When you purchase XY Equity from the official website, 100% of the funds go directly towards developing the XYO Team and Technology.

Alternatively, if you were to purchase through a third party, your money just goes to flippers, traders and speculators. And, if XY were to go public in the near future, you could pay many times higher than the current share price!

Plus, when you invest in XY, you'll receive an EXCLUSIVE "Investors Kit" directly from the team.


It includes an XYO Network t-shirt, hat and personalized stock certificate!

Important: Because it is an SEC Qualified Reg A+ Securities Offering, once the limited supply of XY Equity sells out, it's gone forever.